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Elizabeth Hurly  *

 A  Bromantic  Comedy  about  Bonding,  Betting  &  Brexit



As Brexit looms over Britain, three Serbs in London are betting on the outcome of a soccer match.



BULE, PIXIE and PAUN are long time friends from Serbia now living in London. They are very different in character but share one common passion - betting on all the English football leagues’ match results.  

This time, for them, betting is more than a game because all three men desperately need money. For Bule (a college dropout and hustler), the winning bet will provide security so he can live normally for a while. For Paun (married to Bule's rich, business-oriented, ambitious cousin Susanne), winning will convince his wife that he is not a loser. For Pixie (an ER doctor), the money will pay his debts to the Russian criminals whom he has to patch up after hours.

DON’T BET ON THE BRITS begins one week after Bule’s father’s funeral, which he couldn’t attend. As an illegal alien, he would be banned from returning to Britain once he left it.

So, business as usual: the three friends get together at Paun's flat, intending to follow the matches they’ve bet on.  Soon it turns out that all three of them have bet on the same game, but on three different outcomes. As the score of the game drastically changes, so does the mood in the apartment. The tension is further increased by Dmitry, the Russian mobster who reminds Pixie by phone that his debt is due that very day.

During just one halftime, swinging from comedy to drama and back, this war of nerves brings to the surface all the dirty laundry of their relationship. The referee's last whistle of the game marks the breakdown of their 30-year friendship, and divides the lives of our heroes into the time before and after the game.

While the London marketing campaigns for and against Brexit serve as a background, life for the three friends will never be the same after only one game!

Soon... Neither will Britain!



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                         Danijel Sic                           Ivan Tomic                       Marko Zivic



Director: Slobodan D. Pesic

Writers: Vladimir Djurdjevic, Slobodan D. Pesic
Executive in charge of production: Ivana Pesic
Director of photography: Predrag Bambic
Editing: Petar Jakonic
Music: Aleksandar Habic


Genre: Dramedy/Bromance
Language: English/Serbian




*Disclaimer: This is not an official poster of the film. The picture of Ms. Elizabeth Hurley is used for illustrational purposes only.