The Harms Case (1988)


HARMS PosterProducer: Jovan Markovic (Film i Ton)
Director: Slobodan Pesic
Writers: Slobodan Pesic, Aleksandar Ćirić            
Genre: Drama
Language: Serbo-Croatian



The story of a writer Danil Harms, who writes unusual and absurd stories called “cases,” only to become one of them. In the film his whole life has been reduced to the last three days - three days in which what happens to him is what he has been writing about.
Based on a biography of Danil Harms, Soviet avant-garde writer who met a tragic end in the Stalinist purges of 1942, this drama is a strong condemnation of Stalinism.

"The Harms Case" was selected as an official entry in the 1988 Cannes Film Festival, and has garnered praise at film festivals in Berlin, Mannheim, Jerusalem, Montreal, Toronto, San Francisco, Chicago, and Hong Kong...