Business, Baby


Status: In Development
Producers: Ivana Pesic, Slobodan D. Pesic
Director: Slobodan Pesic
Writers: Slobodan D. Pesic, Nancy Jo Sales
Genre: Comedy
Language: English




Gloria (38) is gorgeous and glamorous and has a lot of style. She is the epitome of the confident businesswoman of the new age. She has everything that a woman wants...except one thing: A family of her own!

Deciding to take control of her emotional life, she organizes a “business” dinner with her ex-lovers in her apartment in order to decide who would be a proper father for her child. No emotions – only business. Whoever qualifies for the “job” would have no strings attached and would even sign a contract that frees him from any obligations of parenthood.

Sounds like a good business plan, but when eight (8) prospects arrive for the dinner (ranging from an 18-year-old one-night stand to Gloria’s 60-year-old literature professor), things get a bit out of hand... To complicate matters more, the lawyer is late, and Gloria’s mother appears unexpectedly.

After an almost disastrous evening, Gloria, with a little help from her mother and some of the participants in the purposeful dinner, decides to marry first and then to make a baby.

But is her choice of the MAN right? Of course not! We (the audience) know it, all her other friends and ex-lovers know it...

It’s all revealed in an old-fashioned way, like in Philadelphia Story, which this present-day romantic comedy was based on, with a very happy solution for everyone!