Heart of a Dog

the Heart of a dog
loosely based on Mikhail Bulgakov's novel
Status: In Development
Producers: Ivana Pesic, Slobodan D. Pesic
Written by: Slobodan D. Pesic©,Tom Macaren, Annie Gottlieb
Genre: Comedy
Language: English



While the world experiments with genetic engineering and debates human vs. animal rights, a man with the "HEART OF A DOG" introduces democracy, fast food mentality and bad English to the Great country of Balkonia.



Kapitalia, (Capital of the Great Balkonia) in the near future

A busy street in Kapitalia's Commercial district. A scruffy STRAY DOG follows shoppers, hoping to beg or steal some food to share with his friend, a HOMELESS MAN, heightening the city's cruel contrasts. A few blocks away, aging patients flock to the renowned clinic of a famed sexual-rejuvenation specialist, DR. PHILIP FAUST TURNER. Across these gulfs of circumstance, fate is about to bring doctor and dog together - a meeting that will make history. Like the genetic engineers (or Dr. Frankenstein), Dr. Turner suspects that dazzling new heights can be reached by creatively combining human and animal nature.

So when, on his way home from the Opera, Dr. Turner sees a homeless man's body being lifted into an ambulance and a stray dog slinking away, he lures the animal home, where he feeds the mutt and names him TRAMP. Meanwhile, DR. BORMENTHAL, his assistant, brings from a morgue the fresh corpse of Tramp's very own HOMELESS MAN, killed in a knife fight. The lab is prepared and poor Tramp is anesthetized for an experimental transplant of a human pituitary gland and testes. Dr. Turner does not expect his canine patient to survive the operation.

But Tramp lives, and is turning into a man-with all the maturity of a teen-age boy! Like every father of an adolescent, Dr. Turner fears he's created a monster, and when Drs. Turner and Bormenthal decide they must reverse the operation, Tramp runs away from home, and his education as a man begins in earnest.

Six months later, Dr. Turner and Dr. Bormenthal are watching the evening news when a new independent presidential candidate is announced: Testes Tramp! Stunned, they watch a screaming crowd respond to Tramp's folksiness, his unerring nose for the common man. They must act to prevent disaster!

The two doctors burst into the Independent party headquarters and try to overpower the candidate.  Security intervenes, and they are charged with attempted assassination. The FBI, which has been keeping close tabs on Turner's experiment, offers a deal: the doctors' freedom in exchange for turning more dogs into obedient citizens and pantingly eager consumers.  Dr. Turner reluctantly agrees. 

In a secret facility with hundreds of stray dogs in cages, Dr. Turner has an inspiration. He asks the guard for. . .a cat. While the cat recovers from her operation, the two doctors release all the dogs into the desert. The cat wakes up. She has become a beautiful, seductive woman: CATLIN.

Acting on instructions, Catlin goes to the Independent Party headquarters to meet Tramp, who falls head over heels in love with her. Catlin gets him dead drunk and drags him back to Dr. Turner's clinic. Waking up on the operating table, Tramp makes an impassioned case for letting him keep at least some of his humanity, so he can appreciate being a dog!

The police arrive, looking for the missing presidential candidate, and find only a half-bald dog, walking on his hind legs like a circus animal. They leave-and Tramp and Catlin come out of a back room.  Moved by Tramp's evolution, Dr. Turner has decided to let them both live.