Recycle This Movie


Recycle this movie
Status: In Development
Producers: Ivana Pesic, Slobodan Pesic
Director: Slobodan Pesic
Writers: Slobodan Pesic, Bojan Jovanovic
Genre: Comedy
Language: English


An expert on recycling travels 3 continents, solves two energy problems, encounters one lion (a real one) and finds fame and fortune in an empty plastic bottle of water.

Misha (37) is a recycling expert who wants to utilize her energy conversion patent in the US. Being Serbian, and due to her political (misunder)standing, her trip to the US takes her first to Brazil, where she experiences more action in 24 hours than in all of her prior life.

She finds herself confronted with human trafficking, a possible solution for hybrid cars, and one lion… But also with music and colors and much-needed idea(l)s which can be implemented easily anywhere in the world.

This comedy provides recipes and know how for a greener tomorrow. Just look around yourself and… RECYCLE! THIS MOVIE