Happy 80's



80sStatus: In Development
Producers: Ivana Pesic, Slobodan D. Pesic
Director: Slobodan D. Pesic
Writers: Slobodan Pesic, Pierrini Baquieri, Vida Basara
Genre: Comedy
Language: Serbo-Croatian                                               




ONCE, NOT so long ago, when the Global Village was not...so GLOBAL and...GLOBALy warmed, and in the Global crisis...at the end of the twentieth century, in the unconscious and "happy" 80s when life was simpler (except that Long Play records had to be turned over by hand) when Yugoslav Airlines flew to NEW YORK 6 days a week, WHEN MOBILE PHONES had not been invented yet, nor had CDs or PCs...AND WHEN there were MORE THAN 20 MILLION Yugoslavians, and TV had only 2 channels...In a word, in the last century!...This sitcom takes place...