The Creation of the World

A Comedy of Biblical Proportions

The CreationStatus: In Development
Producers: Ivana Pesic, Slobodan D. Pesic
Director: Slobodan D. Pesic
Writer: Slobodan D. Pesic
Genre: Comedy
Language: English


In the middle of a night of the full moon at the Vatican, ANTONIO, a young priest receives by mysterious means a film can labeled The Creation of the World.

Suspecting that this might be a personal message from the Creator, Antonio directs that very night that the Vatican Commission is to screen the film and issue a ruling: is it authentic?  And should it be greenlighted?

The bewildered Commission members don't understand why they have been roused from their comfy beds in the middle of the night to watch a movie.

The film they watch is a parody of the Old Testament, a kind of simplified Bible for beginners... a chaotic mix of amateur theater, documentary clips, and naïve (or is it inspired?) editing and directing.

After a sleepless night, the hungry and thirsty Commission members have come to no conclusion, except for one elderly Cardinal, who, inspired by what he has seen, tries to strike a deal and persuade a Hollywood producer to back a remake of The Creation of the World.

In the comical chaos, with no one willing to take responsibility for passing judgment, only Antonio wonders whether it is an authentic film, or at least fragments of a film, made during the actual creation of the world. His suspicions and fears are strengthened by a chance encounter with the team of creators of the world/film, whom he recognizes as God, Satan, Adam, Eve...

Angered because they've wasted time at the Vatican, after visiting the Sistine Chapel, the creators decide to show their film someplace where The Creation of the World will be more appreciated... At CERN, in Switzerland!

They are joined by Antonio, who discovers a new meaning of life ...

Sounds absurd, comical, unique? The Creation of the World is just that!